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A Balancing Act: Working While Parenting

Working from home? Are your children learning from home? Remote work and school has had a tremendous impact on Amherst area workers and families and the weight is disproportionately borne by mothers. In some cases, it is even forcing mothers, in particular, to make the decision of whether or not to stay in the workforce.

The "Shecession" from the Workforce In the News...

Family and education experts Laura LeClair of Aurora Family Support, Janet McKenna Lowry of Working 9-To-Thrive, and Castile O'Neil of Wildflower Schools present tips and strategies to navigate your new work environment. This is valuable information for employers and employees alike to better shape the future of work made possible by Encharter Insurance and Country Bank.

Here is a recording of our recent programming: A Balancing Act: Working While Parenting:

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