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Reputation Building Sponsorships

It takes 6-8 interactions for people to know you exist enough to recognize. Sponsorship is an excellent way to become visible to the community, and we promote your sponsorship widely through both social media and traditional media outlets.

You can meet potential customers and key decision makers through sponsorship. Who do you want to reach, and which of our events is the best way to do that? We've got all this information, and we'll help you connect in the best way.

We promote your sponsorship through posts that mention and tag your company on social media as part of your sponsorship in a way that bolsters your company's marketing, and we showcase your logo and links, driving traffic to your website.

Being a sponsor shows the wider community that you're involved, and that you value connection. Below is a list of sponsorships we currently offer. It changes all the time, though, so check back, and we love working with our members to make creative custom sponsorships, so if you have ideas, get in touch.

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