• Holistic Health Services

    Downtown Mindfulness offers evidence-based solutions in Western Mass to develop core mindfulness skills for leading with courage, compassion, and clarity in a complex world.
    67 N. Pleasant St.
    Amherst, MA 01002
    Embodied Chiropractic & Family Wellness
    Embodied Chiropractic & Family Wellness is dedicated to the integration of body, mind and soul. Our mission is to empower people to take connect to their body's own healing process.
    462 Main St., Ste. 2
    Amherst, MA 01002
    ReNEW Vitality: Nutrition for Energy and Wellbeing
    Nutrition counseling & health coaching. Practical guidance to individuals and groups in attaining health goals.
    324 Middle St.
    Amherst, MA 01002